Ukraine was kept on gas hook like doggie for 25 years, - Poroshenko

Last year Ukraine made a choice in favor of energy independence.

Petro Poroshenko announced during the commissioning of a gas plant in the Lviv region, Censor.NET reports referring to 112 Ukraine.

"The independence has another important feature which we lacked for 25 years. This is the energy independence. Ukraine was kept on the gas hook like a doggie. Whatever slogans the government pronounced, the first thing they kept in mind was finding a scheme to ensure the supply of Russian gas. We did our best to make it sound like diversification of sources at first, and then, in October 2015, when they completely cut off gas supplies believing it would bring us to our knees, we said 'no.'

"First, we'll take gas from Europe through reverse supplies. And second, our energy complex will have zero deficit. There should be financial sense in order to drill and search for Ukrainian gas," the president said.

According to him, Russia proposed to resume the supply of gas, but Ukraine has now enough gas from Europe.

"It was a real pleasure when the Russians in March and April called to our Naftohaz and asked: 'Will you perhaps buy anything from us? We are ready to supply.' And we refused, telling them that everything was fine and we had enough gas from Europe. As for further talking, we said it would continue in Stockholm. We'll talk about how the gas contract was concluded, what unfair conditions Ukraine was offered, and who put us to our knees," Poroshenko noted.

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