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 "Russia escalates situation in terms of pressure and ultimatums in every possible way," – Ukraine’s negotiator in Minsk peace talks Pyrozhkov

Russia issues Ukraine ultimatums on the Donbas despite own reluctance to recognize itself a party to the conflict.

Ukraine's representative to the political sub-group of the Trilateral Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in the Donbas Serhii Pyrozhkov said on air of Channel 5, Censor.NET reports.

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"The Russian Federation is doing its best to prove itself to be not a party to the conflict, which it actually is now. It wants to show that it is just an observer and that it is not an international conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation while it is an internal armed conflict between certain forces in the east of Ukraine and central government. I believe that this position of Russia is quite wrong and, in fact, it allows these militants voicing that they are somehow relevant," he said.

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"Russia in every possible way escalates situation in terms of pressure and ultimatums - issuing ultimatums to Ukraine so that we solve certain issues under the Russian scenario. And their scenario is quite simple: they strive to legitimize representatives of the separatist forces through Ukrainian Constitution. That is, to legitimize them by making appropriate amendments to our constitution; sweeping "indiscriminate" amnesty even for those involved in crimes; to recognize this region as a special one having the right to implement its own domestic policy," Serhii Pirozhkov added.

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According to him, such conditions are unacceptable for Ukraine. Hence, there is no major breakthrough in the political issues of the Minsk agreements.
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