EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to be valid regardless of decision made by the Netherlands, - Ukraine's ambassador

The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union will take effect regardless of its ratification by the Netherlands.

This opinion was expressed by Ambassador of Ukraine to the Netherlands Oleksandr Horin, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

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He also clarified that it was not the government that was in charge of the ratification of these documents, as previously reported, but the parliament.

"We are not talking about the government, which is not in charge of the ratification, but about the parliament. The government should submit the relevant motion whether to ratify something or not. It seems to me that the prime minister was a bit misquoted. He said that the ratification process could be uncompleted. This means that Mark Rutte (Prime Minister of the Netherlands - Ed.) still cannot come up with a proposal for ratification or non-ratification at this stage since he supports the Association Agreement. And of course, his strategic goal is the Agreement's ratification by the Netherlands," the diplomat explained.

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He added that the political life in the Netherlands was focused at the upcoming elections.

"The fact that he (the king delivered a throne speech Sept. 20, - Ed.) expressed direct support to the government, which was able to bring the Netherlands out of the economic crisis was perceived by the opposition parties as a signal to somehow spite Rutte. Something like not every prime minister's achievement was good for the country as he was not listening to those who voted against [the Association Agreement] at the referendum. A document, which was not binding, was adopted as a result. It urged the government to give a response to the results of the referendum before November. They want some draft decision to be submitted to the parliament. In turn, the government is trying to buy time. Legally speaking, they can submit nothing (before November - Ed.)," the ambassador said.

"Its significance is nominal for us. The agreement will be valid regardless of its ratification or non-ratification by the Netherlands. Those who lose (the elections - Ed.) will oppose the ratification," Horin believes.

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