"Conclusions made, i's dotted, everyone understands who is who," - Myroslava Gongadze on scandal with Serhii Leshchenko

Heorhii Gongadze's widow Myroslava, commenting on deputy Serhii Leshchenko's words towards her, said that everyone should listen to their conscience when doing anything.

She wrote it on Facebook, commenting on the statement by Petro Poroshenko Bloc MP Serhii Leshchenko that "Gongadze's name safeguards Myroslava and her children, opens many avenues to them," Censor.NET reports.

"Friends, I am grateful for your support... Everyone has made conclusions, the i's have been dotted, everyone understands who is who. Let everyone act in a manner their conscience tells them," she wrote.

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It is worth noting that an hour after Gongadze replied to the Leshchenko's post, he apologized to Myroslava and her two daughters: "I was wrong."

Earlier, blogger Andrii Dzyndzia wrote on Facebook that People's Deputy Serhii Leshchenko had purchased 200-square meter apartment worth 7.5 million hryvnia (about $300,000) on Ivana Franka Street in downtown Kyiv. In turn, Serhii Leshchenko confirmed that he indeed purchased the apartment with total area of almost 200 square meters on Ivana Franka Street in downtown Kyiv. The lawmaker noted that he borrowed half of the amount necessary for the purchase of the property from one of the Ukrainska Pravda founders Olena Prytula. The rest of the amount was partially his personal and his girlfriend's savings.

Earlier, widow of Ukrainska Pravda founder Heorhii Gongadze, killed in 2000, said neither her nor her children received anything from Ukrainska Pravda, including money or equity rights, despite the fact her late husband was a founder of the news website. Leshchenko reacted to this commentary by stating that Myroslava made a mistake and blamed her for playing along his enemies.
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