Russia has always won in Ukraine-Poland confrontation, - Deputy Speaker Syroid

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Speaker Oksana Syroid believes Russia has always benefited from the confrontation between Poles and Ukrainians.

As reported by Censor.NET, she said it on the sidelines of the parliament, commenting on the adoption of the Verkhovna Rada statement regarding the decision by the Senate and the Sejm of the Republic of Poland to recognize the Volyn tragedy a genocide.

"We all know that Russia has always come out winning in the confrontation between Ukrainians and Poles," the deputy said.

Earlier today, the Ukrainian parliament approved the text of the statement by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in connection with the adoption of resolutions of July 7, 2016 and July 22, 2016 by the Sejm and the Senate of the Republic of Poland concerning the Volyn tragedy.

During the debate, representatives of different political forces concluded that Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States should combine all their resources in the fight against the common enemy - the Russian aggressor.

Speaker Parubii also noted that "a comprehensive rather than one-sided assessment of our [historical - ed.] events should be given."

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