Ukrainian-Americans may make Trump pay high price for sympathy with Putin, - Newsweek

Being supportive of Russian policy, Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump has alienated the Eastern European diaspora in the U.S., which could cost him millions of once-solid Republican votes in key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida.

Marc Thiessen, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says in his article for Newsweek, Censor.NET reports.

He recalls The New York Times has recently reported that "Ukrainian-Americans, Long Fond of the G.O.P., Greet Donald Trump With Despair" over his sympathy with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and his questionable explanation of events in Ukraine. For the first time since the Franklin D. Roosevelt era they are ready to vote for a Democratic candidate.

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"The Times points out that there are nearly 1 million Americans of Ukrainian descent in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit and Cleveland - critical places Trump will need to win in November. In a close election, those votes could be the difference between victory or defeat.

"And it is not just Ukrainian-Americans who are troubled by Trump's Putin bromance or denigration of NATO. So are Polish-Americans, Czech-Americans, Slovak-Americans, Slovenian-Americans, Romanian-Americans and Hungarian-Americans, as well as Lithuanian-, Latvian- and Estonian-Americans.

"Many of these communities lobbied heavily for NATO expansion, and the decision to bring former Warsaw Pact nations into the alliance was a cherished victory," Thiessen points out.

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By way of example, he notes that Ohio has a Polish-American population of about 433,016, a Czech-American population of about 491,325, a Slovak-American population of about 157,125, a Ukrainian-American population of about 47,228 and a Lithuanian-American population of about 23,970.

Pennsylvania has about 824,146 Polish-Americans, 243,009 Slovak-Americans, 240,405 Czech-Americans, 122,291 Ukrainian-Americans and 78,330 Lithuanian-Americans.

Michigan, another swing state Trump says he can win, has about 854,844 Polish-Americans, 284,272 Czech-Americans, 46,350 Ukrainian-Americans, 30,977 Lithuanian-Americans and 28,049 Slovak-Americans.

Florida has 429,691 Polish-Americans, 323,210 Czech-Americans, 42,754 Ukrainian-Americans, 38,724 Lithuanian-Americans and 29,714 Slovak-Americans.

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