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 Ukrainian troop’s positions in Avdiivka and Maiorsk shelled with 120-mm mortars, - Staff

Despite the cease-fire deal reached in Minsk, Russian occupants continue attacking the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces’ positions. 16 attacks on Ukrainian strongholds were recorded today.

Censor.NET informs citing the situation report by the ATO Staff press center.

The latest update reads: "The tensest situation was near Avdiivka at the Donetsk section of the front. The enemy fired at our soldiers deployed near this village with 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers of various systems, high-caliber machine guns, and small arms.

The ATO forces' strong points in Maiorsk also came under 120-mm mortar and grenade launchers fire while the enemy employed small arms near Zaitseve.

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"Russian occupation troops fired at Krasnohorivka and Vodiane at the Mariupol section of the front with 82-mm mortars and small arms.

"In addition, the enemy attacked Ukrainian soldiers near Novohnativka with grenade launchers and employed small arms near Taramchuk. The enemy sniper assaults were recorded near Marinka."