"People's Front faction most disciplined, strongest, solidified," - Yatseniuk outlined his party's future goals

Doing the right thing for the country is very unpopular, Ukraine's former prime minister believes, though it is advantageous in a historical perspective.

Arsenii Yatseniuk said at an Atlantic Council news conference led by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, Censor.NET reports.

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When asked about the ideology of People's Front, the party leader voiced its four main objectives.

"The first one is to protect the homeland. To build the National Guard, new army, and strong Ukrainian security and defense sector.

"The second is to do everything we can to impose sanctions on Russia and to make Russia pay the price for illegal annexation of Crimea and invasion into Donetsk and Luhansk.

"The third one is to support unpopular austerity and pass every single act of legislation to make Ukraine a rule-of-law state, to make Ukrainian finances robust and strong.

"The fourth one is not to be at the loggerheads with the president and not to repeat the scenario Yushchenko and Tymoshenko had, because in the end, they were fighting, they were killing each other politically, so in the end Yanukovych took the office of the prime minister and then the president," Yatseniuk stressed.

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"Sometimes you are obliged to make concessions, and you need to find a way how to cohabit between the office of the president and of the prime minister," the politician said.

Responding to a question how People's Front differs from other parties, Yatseniuk called his faction in the parliament "the most disciplined, strongest, united, and solidified."

"This faction always supported every single bill. And I as a leader of this party and a former PM, I never cared about polls. Never," he stated.

"But idea we have is to build up the bedrock, the base for the strong country. And price for this is very high, political price - I am not the most popular politician in my country. But the history is to judge us. Ukrainian people are very smart, they do understand everything, so let's wait and see," the former prime minister summed up.
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