"It's nonsense to expect fulfillment of Minsk agreements by Russia," - Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was a 'nonsense' to expect fulfillment of the Minsk agreements by Russia, because major decisions are made by Ukrainian authorities.

Censor.NET informs citing RIA Novosti.

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"Restrictions are allegedly linked to fulfillment of Minsk accords; the key issues of the Minsk accords' fulfillment are now in the hands of the Kyiv partners, the Kyiv authorities. Without them, we will be able to do nothing: we will not be able to amend the Ukrainian constitution, will not be able to regulate the operation of the law on special administration on the territories of "DPR" and "LPR," will not be able to sign the law on amnesty on behalf of the Ukrainian president. These are the key issues of the Donbas situation settlement," Putin said.

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"It's a nonsense to expect such decisions from us. However, we have been patiently working until now, and are willing to work as patiently with Ukrainian and EU partners. There is no other way to settle the situation in the Donbas except for fulfilling the Minsk agreements," the Russian president added.

As reported, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland visited Ukraine's capital on Wednesday, where she discussed the reforms in the country and the progress in the Minsk accords' implementation. On Thursday, Nuland held several meetings in Moscow, where she spoke mostly of implementation of the Minsk agreements.
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