"These lawyers travel to Ukraine, visit our enemies!" – Karpiuk’s and Klykh’s defenders told about pressure on them

The defenders of the Ukrainian political prisoners Karpiuk and Klykh Dokka Itslayev and Marina Dubrovina are leaned on heavily in Russia: they are being followed and attempted to be disbarred.

Itslaev and Dubrovina said in an interview to Censor.NET.

Judge Vakhit Ismailov presiding at the trial of Karpiuk and Klykh has served a ruling against Itslayev and Dubrovina. Their licenses may be suspended and they will actually be prohibited to work as lawyers following this complaint. According to Itslaev, the relevant decree has not yet been considered.

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"We appealed against this particular decision. Our appeals will be considered together with the ones regarding the main case. The situation is precarious so far. To begin with, we have done nothing illegal! One can be disbarred for illegal actions, but not just because we have embarked on defense of Ukrainians. But it turns out quite the opposite in our case.

"I actually realized that things would not be going smoothly when I undertook this case. However, I did not expect it to be this bad. The pressure imposed on us, on lawyers, consists not only of this decree. Other types of pressure are also employed against us. For example, the prosecutor stood up during the hearing and said: "These lawyers are travelling to Ukraine, to the enemies. They get all these documents there, give interviews." It is also a kind of pressure. On TV, they say that the community is mad demanding Karpiuk and Klykh to be convicted. And there are the lawyers acting in defiance to the public opinion. Thus, we have become the enemies. Some people follow us. They sit at tables next to us in cafes, stand on the street talking over," Itslayev said.

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According to the human rights defenders, the law envisages that a lawyer cannot withdraw from the case even if the pressure is put on him or her. It is possible only if the client renounces one's lawyer. But neither Itslayev nor Dubrovina are going to desert Karpiuk and Klykh or ask their clients to renounce them.

"If I asked Karpiuk, explained him that pressure had been put on us, Mykola would have written the statement renouncing me. And Judge Ismailov would expel us with great pleasure. But I would not tell Mykola to do so since I had gone through a lot over the years of cooperation with the Memorial (the Russian human rights center). If we yield to intimidation campaigns each time, this will never end... I could not desert Karpiuk. I would be unable to call myself a lawyer after that. I would be unable to look in the face of other people who would have probably addressed me with a request," Dokka Itslayev emphasized.

Mykola Karpiuk is known to be abducted by the Russian secret agents in March 2014. Members of the Right Sector, which Karpiuk also belonged to, believed that he was abducted from the border area in Ukraine's Chernihiv region.

Earlier, the court of Grozny (Russian Federation) convicted citizens of Ukraine May 19. Chechnya's Supreme Court has sentenced Karpiuk to 22 years and six months in a high-security prison and Klykh - to 20 years in prison May 26. The Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation dismissed appeal of Ukrainians Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Klykh against their confinement June 14.

Feb. 17, 2016, Russian Human Rights Center Memorial recognized citizens of Ukraine Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Klykh political prisoners whom Russia was unlawfully holding in prison. According to human rights activists, the indictment in this case was made with violations and described nonexistent crimes.

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