Bellingcat confirms authenticity of images of Russian Buk's transportation in Donbas. VIDEO+PHOTOS

Britain's Bellingcat investigators claim to have found the confirmation of authenticity of a recent dash-cam video showing the Buk and the Volvo truck hauling it through Makiivka (the Donetsk region).

Censor.NET reports referring to Bellingcat website.

According to investigators, this very Buk was used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in the Donetsk region back in the summer of 2014. As noted, the authenticity of the video is verified thanks to the updated Google Earth imagery.

The pictures were taken on June 17, 2014 - the day of the crash of flight MH17. The investigators have compared the dash-cam video and the updated Google Earth images, confirming the authenticity of the recording.

In particular, the satellite images show the Buk, a Volvo hauler, and several convoying cars driving the same road.

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