Ukrainian army reform: defense planning cycle completed first time in 25 years. INFOGRAPHICS (in Ukrainian)

The Ukrainian defense reform is based on a number of strategic documents that define the objectives of military policy and ways to achieve them: the National Security Strategy of Ukraine, the Military Doctrine of Ukraine, the Strategic Defense Bulletin of Ukraine, and the Concept for the Development of the Security and Defense Sector.

Below is a brief outline of the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in Ukrainian) on the basis of the above mentioned strategic documents, Censor.NET reports referring to Reform Project Office press service. As noted, a full defense planning cycle has been completed for the first time in 25 years.

Thus, the National Security Strategy of Ukraine has been developed with a view to a long-term Russian threat as well as other significant changes in the external and internal environment.

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The Strategy is aimed at the implementation of the national security policy priorities as well as the reforms envisaged by the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the Strategy for Sustainable Development "Ukraine-2020".

The presentation also outlines goals and objectives of each of the strategic documents, including the methods to achieve them.

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