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 Canada's intelligence agency deems Russia preparing to wage new war, - Gazeta Wyborcza

The Russian Federation started the large-scale rearmament of troops in recent years.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) reached this conclusion, Censor.NET reports citing Gazeta Wyborcza via 112 Ukraine.

The recent changes in domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation were analyzed in the 104-page report. The authors of the report concluded that President Vladimir Putin's position remains firm, so he is likely to continue pursuing his expansion policy in an attempt to expand its influence abroad.

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At the same time, Canadian experts are convinced that the opening of a new front in the hybrid war, like that Russia initiated against Ukraine in Crimea and Donbas, is unlikely.

The CSIS believes that Moscow will open a new military front and will not hide its involvement or avoid responsibility, as it has done in the case with Ukraine.

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