NATO to unfreeze relations with Russia after Ukraine's territorial integrity restored, - Gen. Pavel

The cooperation between Ukraine and NATO is intense, based on proven program, and perspective, NATO Military Committee Chairman Gen. Petr Pavel believes.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Radio Svoboda, he said it at a meeting in Prague.

Speaking of the cooperation between Ukraine and the Alliance, Pavel mentioned the recent NATO-Ukraine talks held in the framework of the NATO defense ministers meeting. Similar talks will be held with President Poroshenko in Warsaw in July, he added.

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The chairman of the NATO Military Committee also recalled that the Alliance plainly declares its continued support for Ukraine in the political field and clearly states that a return to normal relations with Russia is totally contingent on the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity within its existing borders.

Gen. Petr Pavel emphasized that all NATO countries unequivocally indicated that they will not accept the annexation of Crimea and supported a plan of cooperation with Ukraine and its Armed Forces.

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As for Ukraine's possible membership in NATO, it is an issue that requires above all political decisions, but only after all the criteria are met, Pavel noted. Both Ukraine and the Ukrainian leadership are aware that the fulfillment of all these requirements will take several years, if not decades, he remarked.

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