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 "We should use acquired experience to anticipate aggressor's next steps," - Poroshenko

Ukraine should use its military experience to predict Russia's future actions.

President Petro Poroshenko said it during the scientific-practical conference "Lessons of Hybrid War: Military Aspects" held at the General Staff of Ukraine's Defense Ministry, Censor.NET reports referring to presidential press service.

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"Giving an adequate response to the actions of the aggressor, we should use the acquired experience to anticipate Russia's next steps. We should keep seeking efficient strategies to protect the country form hybrid threats. We must learn the lessons of this war, test and verify respective counteraction concepts, enhance national capacities and compatibility with NATO," the head of state emphasized.

He drew attention to the necessity of examining the capacity of territorial defense of the state. "In case of aggression, the issue of territorial defense must be thoroughly examined, taking into account the experience of the last two years," Poroshenko noted. He also emphasized the necessity of protecting important state facilities deep in Ukraine's territory.

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порошенко турчинов
порошенко турчинов
порошенко турчинов

"Similarly, in case of a full-scale invasion, there should be an accurately drawn up plan of general mobilization and country's operation under martial law. The fact that we do not announce general mobilization proves the campaign of building a contract army to be efficient," the president said.

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He also expressed a belief that it is necessary to have both infrastructure and corresponding logistical support at hand in order to be able, if necessary, to promptly start a guerrilla resistance, optimize the performance of country's military and industrial enterprises, create new capacities, launch the production of new weapons.

Following the meeting, Poroshenko gave instructions to draft resolutions and submit them for consideration by the NSDC and the Cabinet. "Not only the president and the General Staff have to protect the state but also every citizen of Ukraine," he concluded.
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