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 Repassing of law on screening officials impossible after its abolition by Constitutional Court, MP Yemets says. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

The laws and their regulations cannot be readopted without revision if they are deemed unconstitutional.

People's Front faction MP Leonid Yemets wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"It will be impossible to restore lustration (government cleansing - Ed.) by the new law if the Constitutional Court abolishes the Law "On the cleansing of the ranks of the power". This applies not only to the law in general, but even to its separate provisions. The Constitutional Court has spoke out clearly on this issue," he wrote.

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"Here is an example from the recent controversial decision on the unlimited pensions of judges: in Paragraph 7, the Constitutional Court notes that the texts of the laws and other legal acts or their separate provisions similar to the ones that have been deemed unconstitutional cannot be adopted again, as the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine are "final and binding and cannot be challenged with an appeal "(Part 2 of the Article 150 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

Re-introduction of the legal regulation previously ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine gives grounds to assert a violation of constitutional provisions according to which the laws and regulations are adopted in compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine and shall conform to it (Part 2 of the Article 8 of the Constitution of Ukraine)," Yemets explained.

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