"Ukrainian people deserve a better government that they now have," - Savchenko calls for early elections

Ukraine needs early parliamentary elections in order to infuse fresh blood into Ukrainian politics.

As reported by Censor.NET, Batkivshchyna MP Nadiia Savchenko said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"Ukrainian people deserve a better government than they now have," she said.

The deputy noted that the Ukrainian authorities have failed to meet public expectations after the Maidan.

"The longer this dishonorable government leads us, the further back toward a precipice it will drive us," Savchenko noted.

"People believed in it after the Maidan; they gave a big credit of trust to the government, which it has failed," the politician added.

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"This government is sinking like Titanic. The more people see that this government is hurting them, the quicker they will ask it to step down," the deputy stressed.

Savchenko voiced hope that voters next time will make a more thoughtful choice and won't sell their votes.

According to her, Batkivshchyna "isn't the worst one" among all the Ukrainian parties and "still has some conscience."

Savchenko added that she will stay with it for now and try to learn more about politics.
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