Ukrainian authorities must forbid elections under occupation, - Vice Speaker Syroid

Kyiv must prohibit any elections in the occupied Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET, this opinion was expressed by Verkhovna Rada Deputy Chairman Oksana Syroid in her article in Dzerkalo Tyzhnia newspaper.

"Since the occupied areas are controlled by an occupying administration, the Ukrainian authorities can not implement their functions there, and if so, the state sovereignty doesn't extend to those areas, and Ukraine is not capable and obliged to protect the rights of people there. In particular, the state can not hold elections and must forbid them under occupation," she notes.

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"Because democratic elections are a manifestation of sovereignty belonging to the people of a country, whose votes will become the basis of plenipotentiary and legitimate authorities, according to UN and OSCE standards. If people, bearers of sovereignty, left the occupied territories, and those remaining support the sovereignty of the occupant, any elections will result in plenipotentiary and legitimate occupying authorities," she added.

As previously reported, according to the Minsk agreements, Ukraine must ensure the holding of elections in the occupied Donbas.
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