Ruling on unlimited pensions of judges will cost Ukrainians millions of hryvnia, - MP Yemets

The decision of the Constitutional Court to return unlimited lifetime extras to judges' pensions will cost the State Budget of Ukraine tens of millions of hryvnia a year.

People's Front faction MP, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice Leonid Yemets said, commenting on the corresponding judicial ruling, Censor.NET reports.

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"Today, the Constitutional Court overturned our law, and now all judges who are to retire, in fact, all judges who have already retired, will get super extras that are much higher than pensions," the MP said indignantly.

He added that now the pension of a judge is virtually unlimited and may reach 20,000 to 40,000 hryvnia (approx. $800 - $1,600) and more.

According to Yemets, it will cost the State Budget tens of millions of hryvnia a year.

The MP also noted that the essence of the law was about the fact that every citizen of Ukraine should be on an equal footing, that is, "if a teacher worked conscientiously his entire life, they must receive the same pension as a judge who also did his job."

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"But judges decided that they are better than teachers and other retirees and always established enormous payouts for themselves. We canceled this option with that law, but the Constitutional Court returned it to all judges at the request of the Supreme Court," Leonid Yemets remarked.

He also added this ruling will not extend to new judges that have to be chosen in open competitions [as part of judicial reform - ed.], but only to the old judges from the Yanukovych era that have already retired or will retire through inability to pass new transparent competitions.

As previously reported, on Friday, June 10, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine issued its judgement on constitutional submissions by the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of certain provisions of the law on judicial system and status of judges of July 7, 2010 No. 2453-VI as well as the provisions of paragraph 5, section 3 of the final provisions of the law of Ukraine on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on retirement of March 2, 2015 No. 213-VIII.

The Constitutional Court abolished the limit on the maximum amount of the lifetime allowance of 10,740 hryvnia (approx. $430) of a retired judge.
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