State should pay for treatment of Captain Petrakovskyi, who went into coma due to medical error, - Butusov. PHOTOS+DOCUMENTS

The state is obliged to allocate funds for or find an alternative treatment for the hero of Ukraine, commander of a recon group of the 8th separate regiment of special purpose of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakovskyi, who slipped into a coma due to medical error in Kharkiv military clinical center.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on his Facebook page.

"Two years ago, on July 20, 2014, one of the many tragedies of this war took place - a group of the 8th Spetznaz regiment, commanded by Captain Oleksandr Petrakovskyi, was ambushed near Luhansk. Captain Petrakovskyi gave his helmet to his subordinate who had no protection. In the next engagement, Petrakovskyi was wounded in his head. He was evacuated to Kharkiv military hospital. By the moment a surgery started, the captain was still conscious. He walked in for the surgery by himself, on his feet. But soon after the surgery started, Petrakovskyi slipped into a coma. Next day, he was taken to the Lviv hospital," Butusov wrote.

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Back then, relatives of the soldier asked media to spread the word and help raise funds to treat Petrakovskyi abroad. Censor.NET also published information about Oleksandr. The state was also asked for help, but it came mostly from private companies and persons - like head of Ukrtatnafta Pavlo Ovcharenko and deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Hennadii Korban. The relatives continued hoping for the state, but eventually their hopes perished, Butusov wrote.

After 36 days in Lviv hospital, the captain was transferred to Israel. By that time, his condition became critical, and the transportation abroad really saved his life.

While in Israel, Oleksandr's condition stabilized - he started reacting to exogenous irritants. His condition turned out to be more difficult than Israeli doctors supposed.

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Ovcharenko's costs for treatment in Israel ended in January 2015. With further raised funds from Ukrainian people, the wounded was sent to Poland, where he is currently treated.

"At the moment, Oleksandr reacts to touches. He communicates with his family by closing and opening his eyes. He repeats the word 'mom.' And he cries sometimes, for hours," Butusov said. Now he needs another course of treatment.

The surgery and care that Oleksandr was provided in Kharkiv and Lviv have been investigated - it was the first case of this kind in Ukraine during the war. The audit started on Sept. 24, 2015, and conclusions were drafted on Dec. 21, 2015.

The investigation (recorded in documents below) found that the heart of the patient stopped 15-20 minutes after the intubation of trachea, without obvious reasons. Application of certain medicines also remains unclear. The need for Petrakovskyi's transportation from Kharkiv to Lviv less than 24h after the surgery and heart stop also remains unexplained.

While in Lviv, the captain was treated with 38-42 medicines daily, some of them without obvious reasons, the expertise found. The outcomes of such treatment pose threat to the patient's recovery.

"The provided medical aid did not meet standards and protocols for provision of medical aid," the expertise reads. Head doctors of the two hospitals should be brought to responsibility, the commission ruled.

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"By this time, Petrakovskyi's treatment abroad was being paid with private donations of citizens. I wouldn't ask the state to do anything urgent, if not for the medical error that caused the hero of Ukraine losing his health. Now it is the responsibility of the state to do its best to return OIeksandr to normal life.

"Today, the Cabinet of Ministers is considering a possibility to allocate at least $700,000 for treating the wounded Spetznaz soldier in one of the best U.S. clinics - Memorial Hermann in Houston.

"I believe that the government is obliged to fund these funds or offer an alternative to this treatment. … It is inadmissible to stand aloof while it's been the second year of fighting for Oleksandr Petrakovskyi's life by him, his family, and dozens of people helping them. The state's refusal to help is a shame for the state and the society, it should not be tolerated. The hero's daughter believes that her dad would be saved, that Ukraine will do its best," Butusov summed up.


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