The Times article on tortures in Ukraine contradicts facts and disproves itself, - Butusov

Information in The Times article about Ukraine’s Security Service’s torture of pro-Russian militants and their supporters is false.

This was written by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"This lie has to be addressed immediately.

Read more: UN says Kyiv implements torture program against pro-Russian rebels' supporters, - The Times

"Who knows what Alice does Croatian diplomat Ivan Simonovic from the UN office take? He who said that Ukraine allegedly implements a torture program against "pro-Russian rebel groups"? Please pay attention to The Times article - who can send a letter to the editorial in the UK that the article by reporter Maxim Tucker contradicts facts and disproves itself?

"Ukraine's spy agency, the SBU, is systematically rounding up and torturing suspected rebel sympathisers, the United Nations has told The Times.

"Ivan Simonovic, UN assistant secretary-general for human rights, said that in some areas Kiev's "disregard for human rights" had become entrenched and systemic and needed to be urgently addressed.

"The UN report documents hundreds of cases of illegal detention, torture and ill-treatment of detainees - both by pro-Russian armed groups and by government agencies.

"It draws attention to prisoner abuse and murders by pro-Russian rebel groups, but also exposes the scale and brutality of Ukraine's government-backed torture programme."


The caption of the image reads "A Ukrainian security service officer stands next to a monitor showing a Russian army major detained at the weekend"

"Mr. Tucker, this is an image of captive Russian major Starkov, dated July 2015. Starkov was swapped last year for a captive Ukrainian officer. Starkov said he had not been tortured in the captivity, he was treated fine and had no bodily harms. Don't you think this image disproves the text of the article? Don't you think that Major Starkov could not be a "member of pro-Russian rebel group" for he is a serviceman of the foreign army, not a rebel? It's a bit unsubstantial to allow such ungainliness in The Times.

"There is no "torture programme" in Ukraine, although many would have deemed it right in fighting the terrorists. There are no tortured militants posted online - we do not put prisoners on their knees, do not shoot them, do not beat and film it, do not cut their hands, do not imitate execution, do not rape captive females, there are no facts like these.

"Here is what tortures are, Mr. Tucker:


"Pastor Khomchenko on his captivity in the Donetsk NKVD: "Militants were executing people with machine guns and tested grenade launchers on some of them" ( in Russian ).

"And an article from a Russian propaganda website:

"How Cossacks kidnapped and tortured a Donetsk entrepreneur" ( in Russian ).

"Unfortunately, Ivan Simonovic from the UN office did not think going to Donetsk and Luhansk basements good; he did not mention that the invading Russian army and Russian-hired mercenaries were killing and torturing Ukrainian captives and civilians, kidnapping Ukrainian citizens and carrying them away to Russia. For some reason, the UN office had no critical issues with the Kremlin. Sounds as if Ukraine started the war and invaded Russia. Hey, UN office, when will you visit Russian prisons, when will you assess mass killings of Ukrainian citizens by the Russian army and Russian terrorists?

"I hope that the European Commission, all Ukrainian and international journalist organizations are fast and organized in disproving these lies. This is The Times - and the violation of the human rights and reporting standards is much higher here than around the Myrotvorets website publications, isn't it?" Butusov wrote.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n391640