NATO plans to adopt support package to increase practical assistance to Ukraine at Warsaw Summit

NATO plans to make a political statement confirming the Alliance’s support to the Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as approve the support package and increase practical assistance to Ukraine subsequent to the results of the summit scheduled to be held in Warsaw July 8 and 9.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Interfax-Ukraine, this was said by Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine and Director of the NATO Liaison Office Alexander Vinnikov in an interview with Segodnya.ua news outlet published on Wednesday, June 1.

"We expect the two main outcomes of the meeting with Ukraine at the summit. The joint political statement will confirm unwavering support of the Alliance to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Adoption of the comprehensive support package will increase our practical assistance to Ukraine. This will speed up the existing efforts on support and bring new elements into a single support package, which will cover all areas of cooperation between NATO and Ukraine," Vinnikov said as translated from his interview, published in Russian.

He also noted that Warsaw will host a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of heads of state and governments.

"This meeting will provide an opportunity to evaluate the reform progress in Ukraine and discuss our joint efforts to support Ukraine in terms of the security sector and defense reforms," the NATO Liaison Office director said.

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Vinnikov also noted that in response to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the Alliance had already adopted a number of decisions to strengthen its defense capabilities, including the Readiness Action Plan stipulating for the NATO build-up in the eastern member states and creation of the minor headquarters in these countries. According to him, this will promote stabilization of the Euro-Atlantic area, and deter any further Russian aggression.

Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine also notes that the Alliance sees only a political solution to the conflict in Donbas.

"NATO supports the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. We believe that this is the only way to achieve peace, the only way to a political settlement of the conflict. We call on all the parties to fully comply with the obligations set out in Minsk, and emphasize Russia's obligations in this matter," he said.

"Unfortunately, in recent weeks and months, we observe an increasing number of violations of the cease-fire, which we expected to be established several months ago. And this fact certainly raises our great concern, and we reiterate the need to fulfill Minsk agreements, starting with the full and sustainable cease-fire. We support every effort that could lead to a political settlement of the conflict as we do not see a military solution for it. NATO also supports all efforts to achieve a sustainable peace," Vinnikov added.

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