Only three candidates aspire to position of State Bureau of Investigation head so far, - MP Anton Herashchenko

The contest for the post of the Director of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has not caused a stir both in the society and among potential candidates, while this public body is of paramount importance. It is the State Bureau that must run all cases on corruption and abuse of power. The applications for the post should be submitted by June 8.

People's Front MP Anton Herashchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The deadline for submission of documents to the contest for the post of director of the State Bureau of Investigation is June 8. In contrast to the contest for the post of the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) or head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, this one did not cause much stir while it better did.

"The State Bureau of Investigation is not less, and in some aspects an even more important law enforcement agency than the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. According to the Law, these are members of the SBI who will obtain the right to carry out inquiries into abuse of power, torture and other offenses committed by prosecutors, police officers, as well as members of the SBU, PGO, and NABU. For example, if the high-profile case of the "diamond prosecutors" was filed after the creation of the SBI, it would not be investigated by the Prosecutor General's Office, whose members the suspects were, but by the State Bureau of Investigation independent of the PGO," the MP wrote.

"The true cleansing of the ranks of the PGO, SBU, National Police, and other law enforcement agencies from the filth of corruption and lawlessness will actually depend on the honesty, decency and professional competence of the SBI director. The post of the SBI director can be obtained by any citizen of Ukraine who has reached the age of 35 years, holds a degree in law, has over 10 years of total record of experience in law including at least five years in senior positions, enjoys physical and mental health. The salary of the SBI head is guaranteed by the law and will be about 45,000 hryvnia per month (about $1,800 - Ed.)," he added.

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"Only three candidates aspire to position of State Bureau of Investigation head as of today, which is certainly not good. However, I think that the number of contestants may grow considerably in the days remaining before June 8," Herashchenko wrote.

"I also do not exclude that among the persons aspiring to position of the SBI director may be Head of the PGO department investigating crimes against Maidan activists Serhii Horbatiuk, some well-known lawyers, as well as one of the towering figures of the Georgian team. In any case, this is a chance for Ukraine to cleanse its law enforcement and judicial system from those who should not be there," the MP concluded.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n391067