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 Rada to consider bill on pension payments taxation cancellation on June 2

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine intends to consider more than 100 bills and drafts between May 31-June 3. This includes the bill No. 4542 on cancellation of taxation of pension payments.

This is stipulated by the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada sessions for May 31 - June 3, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrainski Novyny.

In particular, MPs plan to consider in the first reading the bill No 4482 on draft exemption for relatives of those killed and missing in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area, and No 2504а-д on the unified state register of draftees.

Bills No 3251 on decreasing of excise rate for used vehicles and No 2763 on cancellation of obligatory state registration of foreign investments are planned to be considered in the second reading.

On June 1, MPs intend to discuss bills No 2466 on self-governance bodies and No 2467 on general assembly of territorial communities.

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On June 2, Rada is to consider in the first reading the bill No 3768 on implementation of the system for automated arrest of assets in civil legal proceedings, and in the second reading the bill No 2507a on implementation of private bailiffs institution and No 3555 on financial restructuring and No 4542 on cancellation of pension payments taxation cancellation.

Renaming of settlements under the decommunization law and dismissal of judges is also to be discussed.

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