Russian ammunition recorded in new terrorists' video. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Donbas terrorists filmed a new video in which some munitions made in Russia are clearly visible.

As Censor.NET reports citing Information resistance, another video about terrorists' life filmed at Yasynuvata (Donetsk region) shows a fortified trench with a mounted heavy machine gun. The camera captured markings on shell boxes used by the Russian mercenaries to besiege their shelter, having built some kind of a dugout.

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A box with 120-mm high-explosive mines OF36 is clearly visible on 1:07 of the video. I has 3.9.94 military marking, where 3 is for the code number of the manufacturing enterprise (Basalt State Research and Production Enterprise), 9 is for the consignment number, while 94 is for the year of production (1994). The third row - TA-20 - is the cipher of the explosive.

видео террористы

On 2:54, a machine-gun pit with the same boxes is seen.

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видео террористы

On 3:10, a box with the same shells can be seen. However, according to the marking, it contains newer 120-mm mines made in 2000.

видео террористы

Basalt is the leading enterprise in Russia for production of this type of ammunition. It is on the U.S sanctions list in connection with Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

видео террористы

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p390686