"We can lose licenses in Chechnya. This is revenge for our work," - Karpiuk's lawyer Itslayev

The Bar Chamber of Russia's Chechen Republic may deprive Dokka Itslayev and Marina Dubrovina, defenders of Ukrainians Karpiuk and Klykh, of their lawyer's licenses.

Karpiuk's lawyer Dokka Itslayev told Censor.NET.

During the hearing, where Karpiuk and Klykh were delivered a verdict [they were sentenced to 22 years and six months and 20 years in prison respectively - ed.], judge Vakhit Ismailov served a specific ruling against the lawyers of Ukrainians Dokka Itslayev and Marina Dubrovina. This ruling was sent to the Bar Chamber of the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation.

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"The Bar Chamber may take one of the four decisions. They may ignore the ruling, or declare a remark, or issue a warning, or deprive us of licenses," Itslayev said. Such decisions can be appealed afterwards.

The lawyer himself says it is a revenge for defending Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Klykh. "We did our best to defend Karpiuk and Klykh. We objected to the actions of the presiding judge, against the actions of the prosecutors, we took a proactive stance. Of course, the judge and the prosecutor didn't like that. They decided to settle the score with undesirable lawyers, with lawyers who have an independent position. This is a revenge for our work!" Dokka Itslayev summed up.
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