Ukrainian hostages convicted in Grozny: Karpiuk gets 22 years and six months, Klykh - 20 years

Journalist Anton Naumlyuk has published prison sentences given to Ukrainians Karpiuk and Klykh by the Russian court in Grozny.

The journalist wrote on Twitter, Censor.NET informs.

He said: "The judge started passing the sentences to Karpiuk and Klykh in Grozny. He has already said that the court will not apply statute of limitations to them."

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He later added: "Karpiuk has been sentenced to 22 years and six months, Klykh - to 20 years. There are two more Ukrainian hostages in Russia now."

Naumlyuk also wrote: "Chechen Supreme Court Judge Vahit Ismayilov sentenced Karpiuk to 22 years and six months in a high-security prison; Klykh - to 20 years in prison. Both Ukrainians have filed a statement of appeal against the court decision."

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