Countries neighboring with Russia seek more protection from NATO, - General Petr Pavel

NATO buildup on its eastern flank is a direct response to the Russian military campaigns in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was said by NATO Military Committee Chairman, Gen. Petr Pavel in an interview to Radio Svoboda.

According to the military official, if there were no Russian offensive demonstrated in Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria, there would be no reaction on the part of NATO as well.

Petr Pavel said that the members of the Alliance and especially its eastern member states feel threatened by Russia's self-confidence and aggression.

Gen. Pavel stressed that the countries that border with Russia want to be more confident in NATO's presence and the Alliance's readiness to act.

The NATO Military Committee is the principal military authority in the Alliance and the main source of military advice to NATO's civilian leadership.

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