Russia may use Ukraine's withdrawal from Minsk process for lifting sanctions, - Trilateral Contact Group expert Aivazovska

Ukraine should not reject the Minsk agreements and quit the corresponding peace talks.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by expert of the Trilateral Contact Group (political subgroup) in Minsk Olha Aivazovska in an interview with LІGA.net.

"The signing of Minsk II had a direct impact on reducing the number of victims. If we measure the effectiveness of the Minsk process in human lives, the number of fatalities has decreased. Although, we do not say that peace has set in," she said.

"In addition to the reduction in the number of victims, the Minsk process is a constraint on sanctions. By quitting this process, Ukraine would give the Russian Federation all chances to count on the prompt cancellation of Western sanctions as the European Union has got many supporters of their lifting," the expert said.

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"The Minsk format is also important as a thermometer to measure the temperature and state of political attitudes of all parties, which is very important," Aivazovska remarked.

"Of course, the Minsk process requires modernization both in terms of content and organization as well as part of Ukrainian side's arguments. When we become predictable, we get weaker, so it is good that the negotiating groups are updated with new people: they bring in a new vision, new arguments, and new moves. It is important to make sure that the Minsk process has become clear for the Ukrainian society but remains unpredictable for our opponents," she believes.

"The communication component as well as the explanation of the Minsk process to society should be more intensive," the expert added.

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