"Event is intended to declare that compromises with occupants unacceptable," - Biletskyi on Azov's rally

MP Andrii Biletskyi commented on today's march organized by the Azov Civil Corps outside the Verkhovna Rada.

He said this in an exclusive commentary for Censor.NET.

"Today's event was not for the sake of mass meeting. We gathered to declare our principles and say that compromises with occupants, recognition of any kind of Ukrainian land occupation, and elections in the Donbas are unacceptable for the Ukrainian society. According to our estimates, at least 7,000 people rallied today outside the Rada.

"By the way, not a single fighter of National Guard's Azov Regiment took part in today's march. I consider any military involvement in political actions inadmissible. The rally was organized by the Azov Civil Corps as well as a number of other reputable NGOs.

"Such demonstrations are part of a normal democratic process. Active citizens should use all legal means. It's unacceptable for our people to have a "frozen conflict" and "peace at any price". Unfortunately, not all Western and Ukrainian politicians understand this. And no matter what talks they try to force upon us, no matter how they want to hold elections in the Donbas - all this will be condemned by society. Make no mistake, such a firm stance will only strengthen our country's prestige.

"In the near future, I'm starting to tour the cities of Ukraine, and we'll raise these issues with patriots on the ground. Today, all who are ready to fight should be on the frontline. It is a pity that volunteer movement's potential is not used as required by the situation at the front. The more the Ukrainian society will be mobilized, the stronger belief in the victory will be. The Ukrainians have energies," Biletskyi said.

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