One militant eliminated, three badly injured as SBU commandos ambushed “DPR” subversive group. PHOTOS

The Security Service of Ukraine successfully conducted a special operation to destroy the “DPR” terrorists’ subversive group in the anti-terrorist operation area.

Censor.NET reports citing the press-center of the law enforcement agency.

According to the report, the Security Service officers obtained operational information that the terrorists were systematically penetrating between the Ukrainian units' positions using terrain features. The high activity of the subversive and reconnaissance groups in this area stemmed from the fact that the saboteurs-rookies who had undergone training in the Russian Federation were sent there to have their baptism of fire. As the saboteurs were reaching the Ukrainian positions' rare, they were firing at the soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces or trying to capture them.

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The SBU commandos secretly replaced the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to counter the terrorists. A dummy of the U.S. anti-tank missile system Javelin was also lit to bring the militants into the open.

Seven men strong subversive group of the terrorists was ambushed as a result. According to the confirmed information, one of the saboteurs was killed and three more were badly wounded in combat.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p389403