Kyiv region prosecutor Kolesnyk detained for bribery, - Sakvarelidze

Former deputy prosecutor general - prosecutor of the Odesa region Davit Sakvarelidze named the deputy prosecutor of the Kyiv region apprehended for bribery.

Censor.NET reports referring to Sakvarelidze's Facebook.

"The Shokin's [Ukraine's ex-prosecutor general - ed.] system is gradually crumbling. Today, thanks to the efforts and the excellent work of the NABU, deputy prosecutor of the Kyiv region Kolesnyk, who replaced the infamous "diamond prosecutor" Korniiets, has been detained. There is no doubt that this position is meant for racketeering. Recently, this very Kolesnyk already got "famous" for his involvement in a scandal connected with the export of nuts, which I and governor of the Odesa region Mikheil Saakashvili managed to expose," Sakvarelidze wrote.

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He went on: "There is a saying: "He who is born a fool is never cured." This is proved by today's apprehension of the successor of "diamond prosecutor" Korniiets - "sugar-nutty prosecutor" Kolesnyk. The reason behind his detention by the NABU is the fact that after taking over a case from the PGO, he contributed by his decision to the "disappearance" of 30,000 tons of sugar from the Agrarian Fund, which were actually seized by another private company. It is clear that his work was paid for.

"This is how Shokin and his associates built the hierarchy of "highly qualified" staff in the regions and cities. That is why any reform posed a mortal threat to them and their traditional way of life. This explains once again why all state and power authorities were set against those brave guys who rebelled against the system where instead of the "cut down" head of a corrupt deputy regional prosecutor another one came up with the blessing of prosecutor general."

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