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 Mahera: “Three current CEC members likely to remain in Commission including me, Usenko-Chorna and Okhendovskyi”

Andrii Mahera was nominated for the post in the Central Election Commission (CEC) by People's Front parliamentary faction, Zhanna Usenko-Chorna by PPB (Petro Poroshenko Bloc), while the Opposition bloc nominated Mykola Okhendovskyi.

CEC Deputy Head Andrii Mahera said in an interview with Liga, Censor.NET reports.

Asked about the deadline for the formation of the new composition of the Central Election Commission, Mahera said: "That's a question you should ask the head of state, for it is the sole responsibility of the president to propose all 12 members of the Central Election Commission. Let's wait for the nomination of candidates. I hope that they will be submitted in the near future.

"Making forecasts in such situation is a thankless task. You know that much has already been said about the new composition of the CEC, including the deadlines and names, but nothing has come of it."

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"The radical option, when none of the current 12 members of the CEC will obtain posts in the agency, is quite plausible. But it is more likely that three current CEC members who have been proposed to the president by parliamentary factions will remain in the Commission.

"Besides me, they are Zhanna Usenko-Chorna and current CEC Head Mykola Okhendovskyi. My candidacy was nominated by the People's Front, Usenko-Chorna was proposed by PPB, the Opposition bloc apparently proposed Mykola Okhendovskyi's candidacy.

"The Opposition bloc proposed six candidates first. They later proposed only one candidate instead of the previously nominated six ones. This candidate was not among those six. It was the current Central Election Commission head. This was particularly confirmed by OPORA NGO, which had received a formal response from the Presidential Administration," Mahera shared the information on the new composition of the Central Election Commission.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n388938