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 British Typhoon jets intercepted five Russian aircraft flying near Estonia May 17

RAF fighter jets intercepted five Russian aircraft flying near Estonia on Tuesday.

The incident took place just days after British Typhoon jets were scrambled from the same base to intercept three Russian military transport planes, Censor.NET reports citing The Telegraph.

The Typhoon jets scrambled from their post in Estonia as part of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission after the security alert and initially shadowed two Su-27 Flanker fighters and an IL-20 'Coot-A' Reconnaissance aircraft to the north of Estonia when two more Su-27 Flankers were detected and intercepted.

The Russian aircraft were flying in international airspace along the northern and western borders of Estonia.

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The Russian warplanes were not communicating with air traffic control and did not transmit a recognized identification code.

The lead Typhoon pilot said the team remained on standby to respond to any requests of this nature.

"The Baltic Control and Reporting Centre had radar contact on the unidentified aircraft and ordered us to scramble, as always we were airborne in minutes and intercepted and identified the variety of Russian military aircraft.We remain on standby all day, every day to respond to any requests of this nature, this is what we do," the pilot said.

It is the second time British fighter jets have been scrambled during their current deployment to intercept Russian aircraft in Nato's area of interest.

Just five days ago, RAF fighter jets were forced to respond to Russian "aggression" when they planes reportedly carried out "textbook intercepts".

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On Monday, Michael Fallon, the Defense Secretary, said: "For the second time in a week, the RAF have been on hand to respond to Russian activity at a moment's notice. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we will continue to secure the Baltic skies on behalf of NATO and our allies."

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