"Tax investigator that deals with cases for billions gets paid 3,000 hryvnia," - tax police chief Bilan

The tax police are facing substantial staff turnover because of low wages and poor funding.

Tax police chief Serhii Bilan said in an interview with Censor.NET.

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"Of course, with such salaries, you can't eradicate corruption by punitive measures only. But the biggest problem is that we can't recruit new qualified people, we can't provide a sufficient number of candidates for recruitment competitions. The turnover is huge.

"A patrol police officer, who has a 24-hour shift once each four days, gets 10,000 hryvnia (approx. $400). A NABU detective receives an average of 32-34,000 hryvnia (approx. $1,400), and a tax police investigator that deals with cases for millions and billions gets only 3,000 hryvnia (approx. $118). What other arguments in favor of reform do we need?" Bilan remarks.

According to him, the leadership of the country in fact turns a blind eye on corruption in the State Fiscal Service. Therefore, despite the elimination of old corruption schemes, it is impossible to eradicate corruption under present conditions.

"That is, the state purposefully demonstrates that the tax police is the most corrupt authority. Everyone who gets there will not be able to live on salary and is forced to arrange things somehow and resort to graft... In fact, the state turns a blind eye on the current corruption," Bilan said.

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