Russian prosecutors asking guilty verdict for Ukrainians Karpiuk and Klykh for alleged participation in Chechen war, - journalist

Russian prosecutors are asking for a guilty verdict to citizens of Ukraine Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Klykh in the court in Grozny, Russia.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by reporter Anton Naumliuk on his Facebook page.

Naumliuk informed that the state prosecution had delivered its speeches. Prosecutor Salambek Yunusov said only that he believed the guilt of the defendants proven and asked for a 'right decision.'

The main speech, the reporter noted, was delivered by prosecutor Sergey Blinnikov. It was composed of three parts - covering Karpiuk, Klykh, and main witness Alexander Malofeev's testimony.

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"For Karpiuk, he read extracts from the initial testimony which he gave during the investigation and from which refused, having announced of torture. The prosecution continues to insist that Karpiuk participated in the battles on Minutka Square on the New Year's Eve of 1995. There supposedly was a position of Ukrainians who fought against the federals there.

" "About 15 members of the UNA-UNSO (including Karpiuk) took the position on Minutka Square. In a few minutes, they killed about 30 Russian servicemen," the prosecutor said. In fact, there had been no fighting at Minutka before Jan. 20. Everyone in Chechnya is well aware of it. "These details are known to participants of the events only," the prosecutor said, contradicting history textbooks," Naumliuk stressed.

He also said Klykh was a member of UNA-UNSO and took part in the same battles at Minutka, which were not taking place at that time, Naumliuk informs.

Regarding the testimony of the witness, lawyer Dokka Itslaev says Malofeev has never been to Chechnya, Naumliuk said.

"At the end, prosecutor Blinnikov also asked for a guilty verdict," the reporter wrote.
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