"Visible changes occur only in police. Courts, prosecutors, security service, and tax police should also be reformed," - Khatia Dekanoidze

National Police Chief Khatia Dekanoidze said it is impossible to rebuild the law enforcement system in a year or even three and that all parts of the law enforcement system, including the police, courts, prosecutors, the SBU, the tax service, etc., must be reformed for a successful result.

It is a long and laborious work to rebuild the system, while we made only a few steps in this direction," Khatia Dekanoidze said in an interview to ZN.UA, Censor.NET reports.

The reform did not fail, she stressed.

"I absolutely agree with you that we haven't rebuilt the system. It is impossible to do in a year or even three. But no matter how the patrol police is criticized, we managed to create an element of a system, which is differently motivated and capable of self-cleaning, expelling those who is loyal to the old system. And this is a serious outpost of perhaps still not quite experienced, but honest police officers. And this is our first real victory," she said.

Asked about the growth of crime in Ukraine, she noted that it primarily connected with poverty, unemployment, and war.

"There is an opinion, especially among those people who are far from the law enforcement system, that the increase in crime is directly related to police work and that statistics demonstrate the results of police work. In all countries of the world the task of the police is to confront crime, regardless of whether the number of crimes has increased or reduced. Moreover, the increase in crime in Ukraine is observed since 2013, not since last summer. What is the reason? Poverty, unemployment, war, and aggression... Plus the level of migration of people in the country has increased significantly," Dekanoidze said.

"It is important to me that people understand the main thing - all parts of the law enforcement system, including the police, courts, prosecutors, the SBU, the tax service, etc, must be reformed, and they must act in a coherent and balanced way," she stressed.

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According to her, visible changes occur only in the police, while the other elements of the system experience a period of revenge-seeking.

"I get the impression that no one is going stop it. It was necessary and possible to create new state institutions, including those within the law enforcement system, which would work not only for one person appointed by another person, but for the general outcome. The courts, which are the heart of the law enforcement system, are still so corrupt that they simply cannot protect the rights of the Ukrainian people. Not to mention that they regularly return us our employees who did not pass certification. You know how many people we detained are being persecuted? Quite a few," Dekanoidze said.

Earlier Dekanoidze said that 80% of senior management and 70% of middle management were dismissed after recertification in Kyiv. These figures are 60% and 40% percent respectively in the Kyiv region.

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