“Myrotvorets website closure is landslide victory of Kremlin and our collective shame for aggressor’s joy,” - MP Tymchuk

The fact that Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) website has ceased its operation plays into the hands of Russia and Donbas terrorists in the first place.

People's Front faction MP, Information Resistance group (InfoResist) coordinator Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

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"As for the Myrotvorets website closure, it is obvious and convincing victory of those European forces, which do not recognize that the events in the Donbas are the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which continue babbling about the "language of peace" and the need for Ukrainians to share a kiss with those who kill them in the East instead of defending own country. And it is certainly a landslide victory of the Kremlin secured by the hands of those gentlemen in the EU jumping out of skin to continue the friendship with the Russian Führer, by the hands of our own officials and "consumers" of grants," the lawmaker stressed.

"We have long been wondering why we were losing the information war. Myrotvorets closure is an eloquent answer to this question. How can we win this war when not only the agencies financed with grants from abroad, but also Ukraine's government entities that are supposed to make this campaign, destroy the volunteer projects instead - the projects that are fighting on the information front instead of the state. We were complaining that the state was doing nothing. We've got what we asked for! It would better continue doing nothing rather than bringing this disgrace," Tymchuk added.

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"Today Myrotvorets, tomorrow InformNapalm and InfoResist (By the way the officials have already invested a lot of effort to destroy us). Sooner or later these very bureaucrats, who distribute western grants among their cronies allocated for training journalists to spread "the word of peace and universal love", will remain alone on the information front-line on behalf of Ukraine. It is possible to understand Europeans to some extent: it is imperative for them that the war in Ukraine is stopped at all cost. They do not give a flying toss about Ukraine's interests. But we are fighting for our homeland, for our country!" Tymchuk wrote with indignation.

At the same time he urged to call a spade a spade: "The persecution of Myrotvorets is a smashing blow on Ukraine's national security. It is our collective shame for the joy of the aggressor. No one was dreaming of this website closure so much as Moscow and its puppets in the Donbas did."

"InfoResist offers every possible assistance to its colleagues from Myrotvorets including information support, our platform in the form of the InfoResist website, my personal assistance as the lawmaker. If we let close Myrotvorets so easily today, our information war will be not worth a dime," Tymchuk summed up.

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