Moscow will reflect on "coping with threats" after US deployed missile defense in Romania, - Putin

In the framework of its missile defense system expansion in Eastern Europe, NATO invites Russia not to cooperate but talk on a given topic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax.

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"Now that these missile defense elements have been deployed, we have to think about how to cope with the threats faced by the security of the Russian Federation," Putin said on Friday at a meeting on the development of Russia's military-industrial complex.

"We offered cooperation, a joint work with our American partners. It was, in fact, rejected. We are invited not to cooperate but just talk on a given topic. Nothing concrete is offered, everything is done unilaterally, without taking into account our concerns. This is regrettable," he said.

According to the head of the Russian state, the U.S. missile defense is part of America's strategic nuclear potential shifted on the periphery, rather than a defense system. Deploying its elements in Romania and Poland is a move to rocking the world's security system and starting a new arms race, Putin believes.

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He promised that Russia would take all necessary steps to ensure and preserve the strategic balance of forces in the world. "We've talked about it for many times, warned, but no one wants to listen to us, no one reacts properly, in a serious way, and professionally to our requests for cooperation. Well, we shall proceed with what we have, we shall consider the current security situation in the world," Putin stated.

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