Destroyed Russian-made tank, anti-personnel mines found near contact line in Donetsk region, - SBU. PHOTOS

A destroyed turretless Russian-made T-72 battle tank has been discovered by Aidar battalion fighters near the contact line in the Volnovakha district, the Donetsk region.

Banned anti-personnel mines "Black Widow" and "Lepestok" have also been found near the tank, Censor.NET reports referring to SBU press center.


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As reported, the Security Service of Ukraine together with the police have discovered near Toretsk a cache with Kalashnikov assault rifle and 300 rounds, two RPG-7 grenades, anti-personnel mine MON-50, F-1 and RGN grenades, eight VOGs, and the like.

The carefully disguised cache was organized not far from Ukrainian units' positions and could be used during the celebration of anniversary of the so-called secessionist "referendum" for provocations and escalation of situation in the region.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p387968