Poroshenko opposes open competition to select prosecutor general, - MP Yemets

To date, the best option of choosing prosecutor general would be an open competition. However, President Petro Poroshenko does not agree to such an alternative.

People's Front MP Leonid Yemets said on the sidelines of the parliament, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

"His [Poroshenko's - ed.] right to nominate [prosecutor general - ed.] does not preclude the possibility of holding an open competition in order to select an appropriate candidate. But the president still doesn't uphold our proposals. So, we have what we have - either we amend the Constitution or hope that the presidential nominee will effectively perform the duties of public prosecutor," Yemets said, noting that now it is the president who holds the entire responsibility for selecting new prosecutor general.

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"If Poroshenko believes that a person without legal education can perform these functions, it is his sole personal responsibility," Yemets stresses.

"Today we are hostages of a situation with two alternatives: it will be either Yurii Lutsenko or someone from PGO's incumbent prosecutors. I am absolutely sure that those who currently represent the prosecutor's office does not want to give up their practices - corruption, administrative pressure, influence on political processes. All this has become a credo of the prosecutor's office and they want to protect it. Unfortunately, the president did not give us a third alternative in the form of open competition," Yemets concluded.
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