65% of Ukrainians aged 14-35 want to go abroad temporarily or permanently, - poll

Open source statistics bear evidence of the fact that Ukrainians massively leave the country, having lost their faith in changes for the better.

Neighboring Poland issued more than 800,000 work permits last year, while Italy accepted 300,000 Ukrainian workers. In 2015, 60,000 Ukrainian students went to study at Polish universities, 25,000 - in German ones, Censor.NET reports referring to Ekspres.

"As evidenced by recent polls, 65 percent of Ukrainians aged 14 - 35 want to go abroad temporarily or permanently. It is not difficult to understand that such sentiments will tend to increase in the coming years," the publication adds.

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"The number of Ukrainian students who go to study abroad will grow, - Yehor Stadnyi, the executive director of the analytical center CEDOS, remarks. - This trend is spurred by globalization, the international education market is constantly growing."

Polish, German, Canadian, French, and even Australian universities enjoy the most popularity.

At present, 3 to 5 million Ukrainians are working abroad. It is only in Poland that about 1 million of Ukrainians work. The poll shows that Poland (22.5% of the total number of Ukrainian workers) has surpassed Russia (19.2%). They are followed by the Czech Republic (18%), Italy (15.7%), and Germany (3.2%).

Also, about 100,000 scientists have left Ukraine since 1991, according to various sources.

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