Krymskyi appointed Zakarpattia customs deputy chief with gross violation of procedure, - Moskal. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

Head of the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration Hennadii Moskal has accused Chief of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov of blatantly violating the procedure of appointment of Andrii Krymskyi deputy head of the Zakarpattia customs.

Censor.NET reports citing Moskal's official website.

In his post, the Zakarpattia governor reveals some discreditable facts of Krymskyi's previous work at customs, in particular the involvement in smuggling schemes and the hushing up of violations of customs rules.

"In April, people's deputy Patskan from the Zakarpattia region appoints Krymskyi his aide in the Verkhovna Rada for only one week. He did it in order for Krymskyi to be quickly granted the status of civil servant in the circumvention of the lustration law and the law on the principles of preventing and combating corruption. On April 26, Nasirov sends Krymskyi for probation at the Zakarpattia customs for only two days and on April 29 (two days before the entry into force of the updated law on civil service) appoints him deputy head of the Zakarpattia customs," Moskal argues.

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"It indicates only one thing - the Verkhovna Rada and the State Fiscal Service use shadow appointment schemes and sell their positions. It stands to reason that Nasirov has sent Krymskyi to Zakarpattia with only one purpose - to smuggle trucks with cigarettes and other contraband abroad. It is not the language of ultimatums that they attribute to me, but the language of facts! This situation should lead to Patskan and Nasirov's respective resignations," the governor sums up.

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