Mazepa is true symbol of Ukraine's resistance to Russia, - Poroshenko

Proper conditions should be created for a fair policy of national memory in Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said at the opening ceremony of a monument to Mazepa [Left-bank Ukraine's hetman who played an important role in the Battle of Poltava - ed.] in Poltava, Censor.NET reports.

"Mazepa was a real symbol of the Ukrainian resistance to Russia, the banner of our movement for independence. He held the mace [stayed in power - ed.] for 22 years and put an end to the infamous Ruin [a period in Ukraine's history characterized by continuous inner strife - ed.]. In retaliation, the empire spared no black paint to deface his image," Poroshenko said.

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The head of state also noted it was up to historians to tell the biography of Mazepa.

"It's my job as president to create conditions for a fair policy of national memory... Ukraine's independence is the best way to venerate Mazepa. It makes clear and hard one single fact: our Mazepa still won that battle. Today, Ivan Mazepa enjoys our real Ukrainian glory instead of Russia's anathema!" the president stated.

"When Peter I was cutting a window into Europe, Mazepa's Ukraine walked there through an open door," he stressed.
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