"I saw it with my eyes today," - Tuka on strategic plan for Donbas deoccupation

Trade with Donbas areas that are not controlled by the government can be restored.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by deputy minister on deoccupied territories Heorhii Tuka in an interview to Hromadske Radio.

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"Two opposite points of view exist. One is to fence off with barbed wire. It's absolutely destructive. The result will be loss of population and anger of people towards us. If we make payments to the occupied territory, we will subsidize the facilities of the aggressor," he noted.

Tuka also said that the opposite point of view is to lift all restrictions, and that the truth lies in the middle.

The deputy minister also said that restoration is a step towards deoccupation, without providing much detail.

"I do not want to voice this information now. It's one of the stages of the strategic plan I was speaking about. Yesterday I said it did not exist. Today, I've seen it with my own eyes. But before voicing this information, it should be presented in a right manner and approved by president and the NSDC. Only then it could be offered to the public," he said.

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