Russia wants to rewrite rules set after USSR collapse, - Breedlove

Russian authorities strive to rewrite the rules under which the world has operated since the USSR collapse.

This was announced by top commander of U.S. and alliance forces in Europe, Gen. Philip Breedlove, The Wall Street Journal informs, Censor.NET reports.

"Clearly, as the Cold War ended, as the wall came down, and the Soviet Union collapsed, there was, in the Russian mind, a restructuring and a rewriting of the rules. I believe it is important to understand what the Russian view is… Russia does not accept and does not care for the way the rules were rewritten at that time when they were in a weakened position.

"And so Russia is not interested in breaking those rules. They're interested in rewriting them. Their every effort these days are to be seen as equal on the world's stage," Breedlove said.

As reported, in his interview for the "World order" documentary Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the U.S. and EU countries are preventing the restoration of the USSR with their policy towards Ukraine.

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