Only 9% of Donbas population registered as displaced persons have right to payments, - Ministry of Finance

Only 9% of the residents of the occupied Donbas applying for social benefits as internally displaced persons (IDPs) can receive such benefits.

Head of Social Programs Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance Andrii Riazantsev said in an interview to ZN.ua.

According to him, 25,000 of 40,000 persons, whom the ministry checked for crossing the demarcation line, never got on the government-controlled territory. "Some more crossed the border twice in the same direction, one or another... They have two entrances or two exits, which is absurd because you cannot permanently leave or enter. There are also plenty of those who constantly violate the 60-day corridor," he said.

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"As a result, only 3,911 of 40,000 persons can really get paid as IDPs. And it is only 9% of those proven. If we extrapolate this figure by the total number of IDPs, we get no more than 150,000 real IDPs, according to Rozenko's logic. This figure does not take into account the reality data bases and deposits, as well as those who has been living on the government-controlled territory for years and could not be called an IDP," Riazantsev said.

According to him, all displaced pensioners will be physically verified through Oshchadbank. "The 'dead souls' will disappear; the live will come. Some small percentage of people who are physically unable to leave the occupied territories remains. Now the state will have to give a clear answer on what to do with them. As, however, with all other pensioners who live on the terrorist-held territories and whose pensions are mistakenly linked to the IDP status. They cannot do with only slogans here," Riazantsev said.

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