Mortar detachment of Russian militants eliminated near Kalynivka village. PHOTOS

Despite the Minsk agreements, the intelligence unit of the Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the 59th Brigade has spotted two trucks and unidentified armed men near the village of Kalynivka (Popasna district) on April 14. According to the report, these trucks were transporting 120-mm mortars, banned by the Minsk agreements.

Censor.NET Chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

According to him, the battalion commander, acting proactively, decided to destroy the banned mortars in order to ensure the cease-fire observation in the area. Thus, Ukrainian soldiers moved towards the enemy equipped with a portable 9K111 Fagot antitank missile system.

They fired at the trucks from a 1000-1100 meters distance.

"The first missile failed to hit the target precisely. However, the second one hit the Ural truck directly. Two trucks, ammunition and a 120-mm mortar detachment were eliminated in a powerful explosion," Butusov wrote.

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According to the terrorists, the trucks were transporting a mercenaries' unit of the 2nd Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment of the Cossack regiment named after Platov of the 2nd Corps of the Russian Army.

'LPR' media reported about five militants killed in the explosion and seven wounded. The funeral of the dead was held on the basis of the 6th Regiment in the city of Stakhanov on April 18.

Here is a link to the website of the occupation administration of Stakhanov.


Military equipment, banned by the Minsk agreements, was completely destroyed. The OSCE SMM confirmed the result of the operation. This is a convincing proof of violations of the the cease-fire by the Russian mercenaries.


"I offer to recommend the command of the battalion, the operator of the antitank missile system, and soldiers of the unit for awarding with the highest state awards for their active and regular peacekeeping activities in the demilitarized zone and elimination of banned military equipment. The video of the launch will receive wide publicity as an example of effective counterpenetration, as well as documentation of the fight… This video is very important in order to morale activities and is the best advertisement of Ukrainian Army," Butusov summed up.

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