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 “I don’t want to be decorative prosecutor general. PGO to spin out of governments control next Tuesday,” – MP Lutsenko

Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction leader Yurii Lutsenko refuses to become a decorative prosecutor general.

He said this on the sidelines of the parliament, Censor.NET correspondent informs.

"After dismissal of the prosecutor general, the system started preserving itself. It is best proved not even by the refusal of the parliament to pass a law that would break the monopoly of prosecutor's office, but by the fact that the conference of prosecutors, which intends to elect the Board of Prosecutors, as well as Disciplinary and Qualification Board, which will have a complete monopoly on the dismissal and appointment to any administrative positions in the Prosecutor's Office, is scheduled for Tuesday. Thus not the prosecutor general but the self-governing body of the Prosecutor General's Office will be in charge after Tuesday. The draft law that some people call the Lutsenko's bill was designed to solve these problems," Lutsenko said.

According to him, the bill submitted by his faction to the parliament but rejected by the majority solved several socially significant problems.

"It stipulated creation of a general inspectorate aimed to eradicate corruption in the PGO... We would be able to lift the restriction on the appointment of officials without experience in prosecutor's office to senior positions in local prosecutor's offices and PGO," he added.

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Also, according to Lutsenko, the Poroshenko Bloc's project envisaged Disciplinary and Qualification Board creation postponement in order to recruit new people to prosecuting authorities first and only then grant them the right to self-government.

"Fourth, we proposed to launch the process of conviction in absentia against the persons who have committed the gravest crimes in the territory of Ukraine including Yanukovych and his associates in order to condemn them in a civilized manner and confiscate their multibillion-dollar assets that are now frozen and do not work for welfare of the Ukrainian people," Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction leader stressed.

Also, according to Lutsenko, the bill was supposed to "solve the problem which arose April 15, when all the cases falling under the jurisdiction of the State Bureau of Investigations were to be taken from the PGO".

"The State Bureau has not been created, thus all the inquiries including the case of the Maidan investigated by the PGO are now quasi-legal. If someone paid more attention to a public prosecutor's education, I was more concerned by these things," Lutsenko said.

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"Thus, the PGO will remain unreformed. On Tuesday, the agency will nail down its absolute power and the impossibility to interfere in its actions even by the new prosecutor general. Good job! Unfortunately, we are going to have an agency that has completely grown out of control of the prosecutor general, who has not been still appointed as well as the parliament and the president. I think it's a big problem that needs to be addressed by the politicians beyond the plenary sessions over the next few weeks," Lutsenko said.

Asked, whether it means that he refuses to head the PGO, Lutsenko said: "I think it is my fortunate day today as the bill that would give me the opportunity to participate in the competition for the position was actually not passed. The reality is different now. I reiterate that on Tuesday, there will be created self-government of demons designed to employ angels. I do not want to take part in this process. Would any of you like to become a decorative prosecutor general at the omnipotence of the current Prosecutor General's Office, which will not allow any personnel reshuffle? I would certainly not. I'm ready to run for the most challenging position, but I would never agree to notional employment," he concluded.

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