Nothing can impede EU-Ukraine visa-free regime today, - Minister Klimkin

There are no obstacles for Ukraine to obtaining a visa-free regime with the European Union today.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin said in an interview with Censor.NET.

"Nothing can impede a visa-free regime today. We've carried out exemplary reforms to this end. This is not an attempt to additionally advertise ourselves. The European Union will consider the efficiency of anti-corruption system and migration management, including how we proceed with reforms. If there is no effective implementation, the EU will have questions. I hope this will not happen. This is our responsibility," Klimkin said.

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However, he noted that the European Union is concerned about the possibility of growth in illegal migration, as evidenced by some European politicians.

"We also need to monitor that there are no attempts to use this situation for illegal employment. In fact, Europe is politically ready today for granting Ukraine a visa-free regime. The Netherlands clearly distinguish it and the results of its referendum. There are famous 72 requirements that we need to fulfill. As soon as the European Commission says it is done, the proposal will be sent to the European Parliament and the European Council for consideration. They will take the decision then. For me personally, it is important because I started talks on a visa-free regime. Hopefully, this year we'll get it. It will be the second big accomplishment after the Association Agreement," Klimkin said.

The minister also expressed hope that Ukrainians will be able to visit EU countries as early as this summer: "European institutions need two to three months to consider an issue. They never hurry. But they will have to decide," Klimkin concluded.

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